All classes are 90 minutes.

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Beginners / Groupon / LivingSocial: all classes are very beginner-friendly! Come in 15-30 min early and let the teacher know you’re new. There is some paperwork to fill out. Present your LivingSocial or Groupon to the teacher. No reservation needed. See our tips for new students.


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Bill McCauley

I began my yoga practice in the early 70’s after returning from a tour in the Vietnam War as a fairly well decorated Infantry captain- Bronze Star among others. With remorse for having been involved in an action designed to take life, the idea of enhancing and healing life had a great appeal to me. I dabbled in Yoga and various Spiritual communities and began a practice called the Tibetan 5 rites, which I still do almost daily. In 1993 I was introduced to Bikram Yoga in the original San Francisco studio and knew right away that this was for me. The wisdom behind the Bikram series of postures and breathing exercises touched the core of my Biology study at the University of San Francisco during the 60’s. After my wife Sandy returned from the first Bikram training I began to teach at the studio our sons’ and I built for her in San Rafael. I then took the Bikram training and after amputating my thumb turned my construction company over to my sons and became a full time teacher and studio owner. For the past 10 years I have continued studying anatomy, physiology, cell biology and every esoteric teaching on a daily basis. Nutrition has always interested me and I keep up on the cutting edge of the hard science non-fad nutritional studies found primarily at the Hippocrates Health Institute and The China Study. With these tools I try to bring the aspects of profound Yoga, diet and spirituality to my classes. Teaching the principles of Yoga has become my spiritual practice. Another bio for Bill (from MindBodyOnline) As one of the owners of Yoga Loka, Bill along with his wife Sandy bring a fun and lighthearted approach to their Bikram styled Hot Yoga classes while encouraging the fundamentals of building strength balanced with flexibility and built upon a strong foundation that focuses on maintaining the correct posture while gently pushing through the aches with an emphasis on “Breathing in the good stuff and Breathing out the bad stuff”. This is the core belief that guides their approach to dealing with everything from improving ones yoga practice to dealing with life’s everyday issues. Namaste.

Sandy McCauley

Sandy has been teaching yoga for over 30 years. She brings a unique perspective to her Bikram instruction by spicing it up with Iyengar’s focus on correct skeletal alignment. Certified in Bikram and highly experienced in Iyengar, Sandy is remarkably talented in helping students go deeper into their postures with correct alignment and her attention to strengthening the inner spinal line helps students feel the power of their own bodies early in the process. One of her greatest gifts is her ability to teach students how to physically and mentally experience release.
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Kally O’Mally

I began my Bikram practice in January of 2000 right here at Yoga Loka. I have explored different types of vinyasa yogas and have enjoyed them all, but there’s something unique about the Bikram series that resonates with my thinking and body type. For the first several years of my practice, I attended Yoga Loka on average 5 to 6 times per week and was amazed at how I changed. I changed physically, but more importantly, I learned how to really enjoy continuously showing up to the mat to face the heat and embrace the work. My teaching style incorporates the traditional dialogue with the physiological benefit. I think you work a little harder when you know what you’re working on. I incorporate humor and fun and all are welcome in my classes. Yoga opens us to communing with our divine nature and is key to aging gracefully. It’s not about how flexible you are or how far you can take the pose, I’ll never be a cirque acrobat. It’s about returning to your mat. No matter what hardships life throws at you, or what great blessings are bestowed upon you, it all gets stripped away at the mat – so that you can feel and become rooted in your true self. I’ve been teaching now for several years and absolutely love it. I feel that teaching is a combination of karma (service), bhakti (devotion), and Jnana (wisdom) yoga. It’s an honor to share my knowledge and experiences and a blessing to watch people unfold the power that is in each of us….
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Michael Kinsey

Michael brings many years of understanding directly from the Bikram program and focuses on the mechanics of the postures while encouraging his students to discover their own inner connection to a deeper understanding of how their body and minds work together to find their own breath and presence in their practice. His tempo starts out slowly and develops into a focused 90 minute open eyed mediation of self exploration and growth while using the postures as a building block on the path to self fulfillment and a radiant life.

Kristine Clark

Kristine is a yoga professional. She teaches at several locations around town Yoga has taught her the concept of living in the moment and that the root of suffering is thinking and talking too much.
She’s inspired by happy people, they come in all shapes, ages, race, creed, color. Three words to describe my teaching style are diverse, creative and heart-opening. Her yoga experience includes workshops, retreats, classes, trainings, and lectures. For the past 11 years, very few days have gone by without a yoga experience. Yoga is an integral part of my life. I am open to all spiritual practice and experiences. I have been teaching full time since 2008.

Kahlil Hedrick

Kahlil Hedrick began teaching at Yoga Loka in 2008 and has also taught at Arden Hot Yoga. Khalil is a graduate of CSUS who initially came to Yoga Loka as a class requirement. He got hooked soon after and received his teacher training the following year. Khalil is a talented and fun instructor who naturally inspires students to work harder.

Jihong White

Jihong is our newest instructor. She comes to us with a lengthy background in Qigong and that quiet powerful energy is palpable in her instruction. Jihong spent her first 32 years in mainland China, worked and traveled to Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Canada. She graduated from college with a bachelor degree of English Literature and Linguistics, and worked multiple careers such as an interpreter, office manager, travel guide, telecommunication marketing officer and Qigong teacher. Jihong has been practicing Chinese Qigong for about 30 years and is currently residing in Sacramento, California. Practicing Qigong has provided her a solid health foundation for dealing with her busy work in the past and kept her in great shape and spirit. Qigong has proved to millions of people especially in China, its ability of strengthening the human health immune system through cultivating the body’s internal vital energy (“qi”) and fighting off many potential health problems. Qigong also establishes great, calm and stable mental clarity and spirit. Qigong has been one of the most popular exercising forms and many people around the world practice it on daily basis. Jihong has also been practicing Bikram hot yoga for about 10 years. In her own words, committing to Qigong and yoga practice are the two best choices that she ever made to achieve long-term health benefits and a healthy life style.

Michael Mercury

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