I am on my 24th day straight day of bikram yoga at yogaloka. First let me say that Bill, Sandy and their instructors are top notch. I had done hot yoga off and on at yogaloka before deploying overseas for the Army. After returning from my second deployment I found myself doing stuff that wasn’t in line with what I wanted to accomplish. I had gained weight, my cholesterol and blood pressure began climbing up and I started to feel run down physically and especially mentally. I decided to do something about it. So my report is after 24 days straight of hot yoga I have lost 18 lbs and am feeling much, much better. I have also noticed a huge difference in my mental focus and being able to let go of stress and past events. Yoga is healing me mentally and physically. Physically I have noticed my skin isn’t dry anymore, my knees feel much stronger and I am breathing better. Mentally I can take a deep breath and keep my thoughts positive and focus on the present and not so much about the past. Thanks yogaloka!


2 ½ years ago I was looking to get back into shape and get a soundness of mind after having my son. A friend recommended Bikram Yoga at Yoka Loga. It did not sound appealing in the slightest since I have never liked the heat. I decided to try it anyways and from my first class I was hooked. I not only lost 60 lbs. in 9 months and got my body back in shape, but also no longer suffered with severe sciatica pain which set in during my first pregnancy and lingered after the birth of my son. I discovered that it helped tremendously with postpartum and healed nerve damage in my arm, which had been causing me a great deal of pain for 5 years.

After a month or so my sciatica pain was completely gone and I did not suffer with it at all during my second pregnancy. I did not realize that the Yoga was what had made the difference with my hormones after my first pregnancy. After reading Bikram Choudhury’s latest book I realized that there were specific poses designed to balance the endocrine system and thyroid glands. I suffered with postpartum worse with my second pregnancy and the recommended course by most doctors is a prescription for either hormones or anti-depressants. I decided to commit to going to Yoga twice a week and it absolutely balances me out.

My physical therapist said that certain poses would aggravate my arm but after speaking with Bill he said the healing process was beginning and to ease into those poses gently and the pain would go away. I decided to take another chance and Bill was right after a month or so the pain in my arm had completely diminished.

I recommend Yoga Loka to everyone I know. I firmly believe that this Yoga has the power to heal mind, body and soul. I love the staff and the energy Bill and Sandy bring to their students.

Heather Vasquez

Bikram Yoga is truly the best thing I do for myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I started going to Yoga Loka 7 years ago and have always believed that my practice was healing my body and that’s now been proven to me in several instances. For the past 36 years, I’ve been on medication for hypoactive (low) thyroid at the same dosage and was told to expect it to stay the same for the rest of my life. In a routine blood test recently, it was discovered that my thyroid gland had begun to function and that I was over-medicated. My doctor immediately cut the dosage in half and the following month cut it in half again, which means that I am now on only ¼ of what I have taken for most of my life. I attribute this healing 100% to my yoga practice and the endocrine postures we do and surprisingly my doctor agrees. Since I will always continue my yoga practice, I fully expect to be off the thyroid medication sometime in the future. Another improvement I’ve noticed is that I became aware thru yoga that I’m bow-legged and it was next to impossible for my knees and ankles to meet at the same time which is part of building strength in the spinal line. It’s taken some time and work but just last week, I realized that my knees and ankles are actually meeting and I’m thrilled! Not so long ago, I sprained my wrist and resigned myself to miss yoga and wear the brace but it seemed not to be healing and when I returned to yoga and at Bill’s advice took off the brace and let the blood reach the area and the healing happen, it was painfree and strong again within the week. I haven’t had a cold or the flu in years. Besides the physical gains, I’ve discovered a profound peace in every area of my life and even with a stressful job and all the life dramas that we encounter daily, that peace and tranquility and the “melted butter” feeling after yoga remains a constant. It’s important to note that this healing hasn’t taken an everyday commitment; I rarely get there more than twice a week although I hope to at some point. I can only imagine what wonderful surprises going every day would bring. Bill and Sandy make Yoga Loka an inviting and warm place to be and offer their love, encouragement and knowledge to all who come.

Betty Wilhelm

As my schedule has become more and more aggressive and I am traveling out of town for extended periods, I have decided to utilize the “pay as you go” system until my schedule returns to a more predictable format.

I fully intend to stay on the mat at Yoga Loka and to move forward on an independent basis while traveling, and at home. In addition, the Five Tibetan Rites have become a daily ritual thanks to your encouragement and advisement.

I want you and Sandy to know that I consider my education and practice under your care, to be profoundly life changing, and most beneficial to my health, attitude, perspective, wellness and collective peace & tranquility.

The service and insight that you provide is nothing short of spectacular. I am in debt to the both of you for being so kind, open, warm, gentle and direct in serving up a most unique and deliberate approach to healing the body, mind and spirit.

I will continue to call Yoga Loka my “Home,” and I will always have reverence and respect for your art.

P.S. I would be honored if you feel that my testimonial properly describes the ideals and focus of your extraordinary practice.

Robert D. Bond

i can not tell you what a difference you, sandy, rachel, audrey, stephanie and yoga loka have made in my life. i know i would still be in therapy and taking prozac if i hadn’t started practicing. i plan to practice yoga for the rest of my life now. thank you so much for helping me to find “my way” to happiness and love through yoga. words simply can not describe how i strongly i feel about this and how much gratitude i feel in my heart for yoga loka! i really think yoga (and yoga loka) saved my life.

Sydney Smith

Medical researchers have discovered remarkable and lasting results from the practice of yoga. Be it arthritis, high blood pressure, intestinal problems, chronic back or neck pain, nervous tension or fatigue, migraine headache, circulatory problems, heart disease, or weight loss. Bikram Yoga is effective for halting the progression and reversing the effects of degenerative diseases. As with any practice related to the health of the body, it is advisable to consult a physician, particularly one trained in naturopathic medicine before beginning any program of exercise.

I can confidently say that my system of Hatha Yoga is capable of helping you avoid, correct, cure, heal or at least alleviate the symptoms of almost any illness or injury.

Bikram Choudhury

I’ve always had a bad back, and yoga is the best and only thing that works. It is also the best way to counteract the effects of overwhelming stress and the older I get the more important it becomes.

Candice Bergen

…flexibility is the missing element. This is why a lot of athletes get injured. I think that doing yoga really helped reduce the number and severity of the injuries I suffered during my career.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

I damaged my back, elbow, shoulder and sciatic nerve. It hurt all the way to the bottom of my left foot. I became immoble and gained 45 pounds. I was depressed, looked 10 years older than I was, and was in continuous pain. I practiced yoga daily, and within months my pain was decreasing while my strength and stamina increased. Bodily awareness helped me to make healthful decisions toward changing diet and I gradually lost 45 pounds. I became strong and healthy practicing Yoga, which became my way of taking responsibility for my health and well being.

Sandy McCauley

The regular practice of Yoga challenges all the weak areas and gradually increases the efficiency and vigor of all the major Systems of the body until radiant health is achieved. Yoga is the perfect vehicle for change of self first by creating a strong and powerful body and mind. It is a starting point from which you can then begin to realize your human spirit. Only then can we hope to effect a global healing of the planet.

Bikram Choudhury

After a year of Bikram Yoga I report the following improvements: Lower back strong and spasm free, Weight down 15 lbs, Excellent sleep, Clear skin, No colds or coughs for over a year and Scoliosis of the spine is greatly improving relaxing and strengthening. Bikram Yoga is the only thing in my life that has ever effected this condition. Miraculous!

Amy Kahn

I love the practice. In a short time I have learned so much about how to improve my posture and be in my body in a way that helps me feel strong and powerful, yet flexible and open. I am left feeling at peace and energized. It is as rewarding as it is challenging.

Susan Cronk

When I started Yoga one year ago, I was looking for the exercise part of Yoga. As time went on and my posture began to improve and my lower back pain greatly diminished, I began to see what a gift I was giving myself each time I went to class. The cumulative effects of Yoga practice is far reaching into other areas. Yoga does not take effort for me but it takes willingness. The flexibility, strength, and balance I am experiencing in my life right now reflects this practice.

Miranda Wagner

After 4 classes there is a shift in my body, emotions, a restored sense of well-being and vitality. I do so much for my health as a rule. This is the only change made. I feel young and vibrant – free again at 48. Thank you!

Marilyn Cohen

Since beginning Bikram Yoga, I have been able to stop taking “Paxil” for panic disorder. I tried to stop in December 1995, but panic attacks quickly resumed. I tried again March, 1996 (began yoga in Feb.) and no problem! If I begin to get panic attack symptoms, I do yoga breathing or a few postures. I have the Yoga “tools” to deal with oncoming attacks.

Holly Kuhlman

We tend to believe that action depletes energy and separates us from energy itself. Thus, we consider the relaxation of activity to be the obvious method for restoring or increasing available life-force. Carried to its extreme, this view results in “chronic relaxation”, better known as laziness. In fact, enervation, or the chronic absence of energy, is not caused specifically and necessarily by activity. Enervation is served just as well by inactivity. Rather, enervation and every kind of inharmonious and low-level of life-energy are caused by the failure to participate consciously and moment to moment, from the heart, in the cooperative process of body, breath, mind, and universal life force in the all-pervading Divine Presence or Radiance.

Adi Da Samraj