Welcome to Yoga Loka! We are thrilled to have you join us as you engage upon this amazing journey towards optimal physical and mental wellbeing. To assist you on this journey we’ve created this information sheet for you to review. Each class is 90 minutes long and is comprised of 26 poses repeated twice and two breathing exercises. It’s best not to eat for 2 hours prior to your class. If you have any questions regarding your experience here at Yoga Loka, be sure to ask!

A few important points:


We work hard to be good neighbors to the surrounding businesses, specifically One Speed Restaurant and Vicki G’s Hair Salon. Please park in the spots marked Yoga Loka or find parking on the street. If you’re lucky enough to arrive first and get the spot in front of the garage, please pull all the way forward so that more cars can park behind you. Please be mindful that if you park in One Speed’s parking lot, your car can be towed. Lock your valuables in your trunk or bring them inside as we lock the door during class for security.

Mats and Towels

We provide yoga mats and full size towels for a rental fee of $2.00 each. If you rent a mat, please leave it on the floor after class. Please drop used towels in the dirty hand towel bin. Every month is Hand towel Amnesty Month. If you happen to accidentally take a hand towel, please return them at your earliest convenience.


You should come to class well hydrated. We offer coconut water for 3.00$ a can and water for 2.00$ a bottle. Emergen-C’s are available for .50c per packet. Don’t skimp on water!

Yoga Room Etiquette

Please refrain from talking once the class has started. The top left hand corner of your mat should be placed on one of the white dots painted on the floor. We can fit four rows of 11 or so students if we line up using the dots, which should enable you to see a bit of yourself in the mirror. Do your best to stay in the room for the whole class. If you must leave the room, we understand, but it’s better to lay down for a pose or two than to step out.

The Final Savasana/Relaxation Pose

Please do not exit the room prior to the instructor during the final relaxation pose. When exiting the room, please be respectful of other students and leave as quietly as possible.

Outdoor Showers

We have four outdoor showers (2 hot), a restroom and two dressing rooms attached to the garage. Since the showers are unisex, please refrain from showering naked.

Yoga Loka on Facebook

Please check our Facebook page frequently! We use FB to disseminate important information about holiday schedule changes and we love to post fun, inspiring and useful information.
We hope you have a wonderful experience here at Yoga Loka and we sincerely appreciate your business. Namaste’!

Living Social / Groupon / Beginners

All classes (except silent ones) are very beginner-friendly! Come in 15-30 min early and let the teacher know you’re new. There is some paperwork to fill out. Present your LivingSocial or Groupon to the teacher. No reservation needed. See class schedule